About Us

Commun-IT is owned and operated by Cido Research. Cido employs a group of seasoned market research professionals, who are experts at understanding the art and science of data collection. As a member you will earn money for providing your opinion on products and services that are of interest to you.

Cido Research started in 2009, as the combination of three of the industry’s leading field organizations – Acrobat Research (North America), Kramer Marktforschung (Europe), and Cimigo (Asia/Pacific). The company employs a global team of market research field specialists with cumulative experience extending back to 1986. With more than 100 research professionals, over 1,000 interviewing staff and 2,000+ people in distributed field teams, Cido is one of the largest independent field research teams in the world.

Cido Research supports and strictly adheres to the standards and guidelines set out by the MRA (Marketing Research Association), The MRIA (Canada) and ESOMAR for the ethical conduct and collection of online survey research. Cido Research will never release personally identifying information to any third party and will never send unsolicited emails.


Cido Research, is a gold seal member of the Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). We adhere strictly to the association’s guidelines and regulations for conducting market research.


You will only receive market research relevant emails from us and your email will never be shared with a third party client.


The answers that you provide us are completely confidential and will never be shared. All answers provided will be shared in aggregate and your personal information will never be attached or associated with the data.